I is for Ice skating

So far as I remember it, in the 1980s the Zambian television schedule consisted of two (equally entertaining) things. From 6am until 8pm, the national anthem would play (on repeat) over a static image of the Zambian flag – kind of like the BBC test card. Then, at 8pm, Wogan would come on. When Wogan finished that was the evenings entertainment over. There were, of course, exceptions that even poor old Wogan had to sit in the cheap seats for and these were (apart from the Live Aid concert) almost exclusively sporting events. Cricket, Rugby, Formula 1, Moto GP, Wimbledon, Darts, Snooker…. none of them captured my childhood imagination. Not until, in spring 1988, the gods of Zambian television decided to show highlights from the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada.

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