D is for Destiny: Tarot Card Reading

Tarot em gee

Change is good, it makes life interesting, keeps your mind active, makes you adaptable. Too much change is a different thing. When everything around you shifts at once you can start to feel cut adrift, like a ship without an … Continue reading

C is for Cooking

As I write this, a batch of cookiesKit Kat Cookies are baking in the oven. That might not sound like much of an achievement to you – let me tell you why it is.

Around nine months ago, for the first time in my life, I started living alone. And after close to 13 years of cohabitation, it took more than a little getting used to. Continue reading

B is for Balls – Because I have them! (Title suggested by Andrew Handoll-Clark)

Great balls of fire!

This post is not like the others on this blog. For one, I didn’t plan for the following incident to happen. Secondly, although it is not something I have ever done before, it is hard to argue that as an … Continue reading

A is for Acrobatics : Static Trapeze & Aerial Hoop

I actually did this one!

When I decided to start up the blog again, I knew that it would be important not to repeat myself. In a very literal sense, there would be little value in actually doing the exact same activities again but more … Continue reading

Alphabettering Myself 2013

Alphabetter than you

So… I reached my goal! I completed 26 (plus a few extra) activities. Each one was something I had never done before and was completed in order to improve myself in some way. I did things that required courage, I … Continue reading

Z is for Zombies

Bricking it

When the first reports started on the news we all assumed it was a publicity stunt. We waited for the punchline. Then the videos started appearing – videos that ‘proved’ it was true. We remained unconvinced. ‘They’re actors’ we said. ‘Flash mob advertising’ we said. We pointed out flaws in the footage – the blood looked too red, the groaning and screeching sounded ‘rehearsed’, real brains don’t bounce like that… We laughed at the people believing the hype, how foolish they would look when the curtain fell and the reality of the situation was revealed. How gullible would you have to be to believe something like this?! We updated Facebook in ironic fashion ‘Keep calm and carrion. Lol’. We kept living as we always had – shopping, working, going to the pub on Fridays. People told us that there had been deaths but these were always ‘friends of friends’ – ‘my girlfriend’s sister’s teacher’ or ‘my neighbour’s best friend’s cousin’ – made up people. We stuck to our guns. Continue reading

Y is for Yelling (Primal Scream Therapy)

Monster Munch

You know what they say… when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And when life hands you massive crippling anxiety? … well, that’s slightly more complicated… Why? because anxiety is cunning; wiley like a fox, tricksy like the hobbitses. Anxiety … Continue reading

X is for X games: Skateboarding

Great-boarding more like!

I was desperate. 6 weeks without a blogpost, 2 weeks since my planned triumphant return and I had failed to do anything beginning with ‘X’. I had an impending sense of terror – that the blog would sit unfinished forever, … Continue reading

W is for Wishing (The Secret / Law of Attraction)

Book Magic Book

Way back in deepest darkest April (around the time I was building up the courage to bare all) I was feeling pretty glum. I was away from home, only employed until June, unfit, lonely – struggling to see the glass … Continue reading

V is for Vocal Coaching

from http://www.flickr.com/photos/kittyanydots/

You don’t always have to be told that you’re bad at something in order to work that out for yourself. In fact, I find it’s often the things people don’t say that fit together to make a clearer picture of … Continue reading